Seawalk Facing the Pacific Ocean is Manay’s New Magnificent Comeon

19 Jul 2020Tourism

BY Van Jorain Rufin

MANAY, DAVAO ORIENTAL –Another tourist attraction has recently been opened in the province, giving locals and tourists a relaxing place to view the stunning beauty of the Pacific Ocean from the pristine coastline of the town of Manay.

On Friday, July 17, the provincial government has formally turned over to the municipal government of Manay the newly completed San Ignacio Seawalk situated in Barangay San Ignacio in Manay town.

The 1,992 square-meter tourism attraction is part of the safe and scenic highway development program of the provincial government. The structure features a souvenir shop, basketball half court, picnic areas, and benches with trees facing the Pacific Ocean.

Aside from being a tourist attraction, it is equipped with a breakwater structure that serves as a barrier to extreme waves, even tsunamis and storm surges, thus, protecting the nearby communities.

A huge portion of the property, consisting of 1,176 square-meter was donated by William Sr. and Luz Molina – Ferrando family while the remaining 815 square-meter was acquired by the provincial government.

The residents warmly welcomed this new development as it is anticipated to spur economic activities not just in Barangay San Ignacio, but also for the rest of the nearby municipalities considering it is situated at the gateway to the province’s east coast towns.

Municipal Administrator and Municipal Tourism Officer Jan Mae Dayanghirang – Llavore who represented Mayor Antero Dayanghirang Jr. of Manay expressed her sincerest gratitude to the provincial government for this tourism infrastructure project “that will definitely boost and support the local tourism industry. She furthered that the seawalk will also serve as a public façade where locals and tourists may enjoy the scenic Pacific Ocean.”

“This new development in our municipality challenges us more to changes and these changes mean stepping up our efforts to appeal to our potential visitors and keep upgrading ourselves in order to attract more of them to come,” she said.

Meanwhile, the family of the donors William Sr. and Luz expressed their deepest gratitude to the provincial government for making their family a part of the new landmark in Manay town.

“I have seen 3 symbolic things in this seawalk; first is Paghinumdum (Remembering), second is Panaghiusa (Unity), and the third is Paglambo (Develop),” said Ariel Ferrando, the sixth grandchild of the donors, as he recalled all the memories he had in the area and how Manay progressed over the years under the present leadership.

Governor Nelson Dayanghirang, who led the unveiling of the San Ignacio Seawalk marker, considered the new development as a landmark of convergence not just between its implementers but also among its constituents and the involved families.

He said that the project serves as a testament to the provincial government’s commitment to sustainable development and inclusive growth benefitting the people of the province.

In his speech, Gov. Dayanghirang also bared the future development projects worth P15 million for Manay town which include water systems from Barangay Poblacion to other barangays like San Ignacio, provision of solar lights, and improvement of street lights at the San Ignacio Seawalk.

Also present during the opening of the seawalk were Vice Governor Nino Sotero L. Uy Jr., Board Member Nelson Dayanghirang Jr., Punong Barangay Carmelino Rosa, and Rev. Fr. Pedrito Mapayo. By Van Jorain Rufin/Photos By Eden Jhan Licayan