PRESS STATEMENT: DOPMC confirms COVID-positive test of 1 Frontliner, All Contacts Traced and Isolated

01 Jun 2020COVID-19, Press Statement

BY Provincial Information Office

The Davao Oriental Provincial Medical Center (DOPMC) has confirmed today that ONE of its doctors has tested positive for the coronavirus disease.

The confirmed case is a 32-year-old resident doctor for internal medicine at the DOPMC. While also rendering duty hours in a dialysis facility in Davao City, he was subjected to RT-PCR swab test on May 8 and consequently received a negative result on May 14. He reported for duty at the DOPMC on May 25 to 26 last month without any symptoms.

Despite the fact that he has already secured a negative RT-PCR swab test result in the days prior his duty at the DOPMC and was asymptomatic, HE WAS AGAIN SUBJECTED TO A MANDATORY RT-PCR SWAB TEST AS PER THE STANDARD PROTOCOL OF THE PROVINCIAL TASK FORCE ON COVID-19 which is to test all health personnel, frontliners, and essential workforce frequently traveling to Davao City, among others.

He underwent a mandatory RT-PCR swab testing on May 26, 2020 at the DOPMC. Results of the swab test was subsequently released on May 30 confirming his COVID-19 positive result.

In response, the DOPMC management and the Provincial Task Force on COVID-19 immediately conducted extensive contact-tracing. As a result, 58 hospital staff (majority of them are nurses) are now quarantined and isolated as they are considered the “direct contacts” of the doctor.

All of the isolated staff are asymptomatic except for one who is experiencing runny nose due to recurrent sinusitis. Out of the 58 staff, 20 individuals who have an ideal isolation space at home are subjected to strict home quarantine while the rest are isolated in various quarantine facilities provided by the Provincial Government.

On the other hand, out of the fourteen hospital patients who have received direct care from the doctor, seven remains strictly isolated at the hospital’s isolation facility while the other seven were already discharged from the hospital and endorsed to the City Health Office of Mati for contact tracing, including their family members and watchers who have direct exposure to the doctor. Quarantine Facilities at the City of Mati are already prepared to receive individuals, who upon the discretion of the medical officer, will be subjected for isolation.

Upon consultation with the Infectious Disease Specialist based at the Davao Regional Medical Center, the contacts of the COVID-19 positive case will be swab tested between June 2-4, 2020, given that the seventh to tenth day from the last exposure is the ideal time to get more accurate results. However, those who are already exhibiting symptoms have to be swabbed immediately.

Moreover, the Infectious Disease Specialist also mentioned that asymptomatic positives are less likely to transmit the virus. Nonetheless, all contacts will be swabbed and all health measures will be implemented to contain the virus.

Since Sunday, May 30, 2020, stringent disinfection measures have been done at DOPMC. All areas have been thoroughly disinfected through the use of DOH and WHO approved disinfection solution. The hospital has activated and mobilized its Infection Control Team to ensure safety in the facility for all its staff and patients. Likewise, all staff are advised to strictly follow quarantine protocols while those who are still able to duty are reminded to follow minimum health standards.

Moreover, the Provincial Task Force on COVID-19 appeals to the public not to discriminate health workers.