Safeguard and Enhance the Integrity of the Environment

Safeguard and Enhance the Integrity of the Environment – Studies may differ on the minimum vegetation cover a community must have in order to survive sustainably. Be that as it may, the province shall restore at least 50 percent of its forestal lands planted to trees. Specific activities shall include, but not limited to, the following:

  1. Strengthen enforcement environmental protection laws and regulations. Special attention shall be given to existing protected areas.
  2. Provide assistance to the development of sustainable production areas.
  3. Rationalize utilization of resources. Monitoring and evaluation of extractive activities shall be given much attention.
  4. Mobilize community support and participation for environmental projects.
  5. Promotion and propagation of plantation crops which are compatible with forestry(e.g. reforestation) and agro-forestry (e.g. tree crops)activities.