DavOr Complies to Presidential Directive Giving Protection to Media

06 Nov 2018Public Order and Safety

BY Neella Duallo

DAVAO ORIENTAL – Media practitioners and media workers in the province of Davao Oriental can now be certain of their security amid the different challenges and risks embedded in their works, as the provincial government strongly compiles to a presidential directive giving security and protection, which could propel them more to be enigmatic and determined in honing their respective crafts to its finest.

On November 6, 2018, the orientation for the creation of the Presidential Task Force on Media Security was conducted through Atty. Oliver Saniel, City of Mati Prosecutor, Police Sr. Supt. Cirilo Salana from the Davao Oriental Police Provincial Office, Cpt. Reyboy Ibanes from the 701st Infantry Brigade of the Philippine Army, and members of the different media organizations.

Atty. Saniel gave the in-depth discussion of the presidential order, saying that in Davao Region, Davao Oriental is the first one to organize the task force.

“Well, this is the intention of the directive, that media practitioners and workers now get protection, and whatever threats and incidents hurled against them should now be acted upon expeditiously,” he said.

The actions will be based on the protocols of the task force coming from Malacanang, and all it takes is the directive from the Governor for the official creation of the council.

Atty Oliver Saniel heads the City of Mati’s Local Task Force on Media Security. Photographed by Eden Jhan Licayan

Governor Nelson Dayanghirang is in all support to the move long due for the media workers.

“This is a very good move, as we are really very keen on securing the lives of our media people. They more than deserve this. I consider the media as development partners. It is through the media that we get the very needed help in reaching out to our constituents, in informing them of what the government is doing for them,” he explained.

Media workers from the different platforms expressed their profound gratitude that time has come that the media has gotten this kind of attention from the government.

Mr. Raul Antopuesto, Kapisanan ng mga Brokcaster ng Pilipinas (KBP) Provincial Chairman, is exuding with gratitude with this very welcome development for the media.

Raul Antopuesto, one of the media personality based in the City of Mati. Photographed by Rhea Shane Laureano

“Needless to say, this is of great help. And we only have to be aware of the protocols and all information about the task force and how and where can we get assistance. We don’t have to be too complacent because our safety is first, our own responsibility,” he stressed.

Antopuesto furthered that ” we really have to police ourselves because along the way, we might have hurt somebody in our respective medium. We have to be very careful and know how far have we crossed the line”.

For the PNP, the first step is for the media to file in the police blotter whatever it is that they are faced with.

Police Senior Supt. Cirilo Salana from the Davao Oriental Police Provincial Office. Photographed by Rhea Shane Laureano

“Once the complaint is already in the blotter, this will be our basis, and we will make an assessment. The result from the assessment will be our guide in the conduct of our investigation,” said Police Senior Supt. Cirilo Salana from the Davao Oriental Police Provincial Office.

He is just asking for the media people to coordinate with them every time, especially if they are on risky coverages on field.

He added that thus far, based from their intelligence report, media personalities do not have any threat.

The local media in the City of Mati. Photographed by Rhea Shane Laureano

The local task force on media security is chaired by the Provincial Prosecutor for the provinces and city prosecutors for the cities, co-chaired by the provincial directors and chiefs of police, the Secretariat will be the Provincial Legal Officer, while the members will include the information officers and the different media organizations.

With the intention to fast track the implementation of the task force, the next meeting is scheduled in January or February of next year.

The orientation on the Presidential Task Force on Media Security was held at the Grand Conerence Room. Capitoll, City of Mati. Photos by Eden Jhan Licayan and Rhea Shane Laureano