Invest in Davao Oriental

Tourism Industry

Industry Background/Situationer

Tourism is the region’s top-earning industry today. Davao Oriental joins
the trend with its direction anchored on agro-industrial and eco-tourism development. Fact is, more areas of the province are increasingly shifting to eco-tourism direction of development due to its natural and exotic sites which turns out to be its comparative advantage. Hence, eco-tourism is widely promoted with products ranging from Culture, Adventure and Nature, also known as CAN package.

Among the Region’s provincial inventory of eco-tourism products, Davao Oriental has the highest number classified as natural products.

It boasts of diverse natural spots like cascading waterfalls, pristine lakes
and rivers, idyllic white sand beaches, exotic islands, lush forests, bonsai forest and more. There are also cultural and historical sites such as the
“Cape of San. Agustin, who is said to be the site where St. Francis Xavier
has said mass. The “17th century San Salvador Church of Caraga” that houses antique bells and images of saints is another historical site that is still currently existing.

Years back, tourists in the province are mostly local visitors from neighboring provinces and cities.” Balikbayans”, guests of few locales & visiting relatives and others who are from other parts of the country who are enticed by the natural attractions of the province. Recently, majority of the tourists are brought by Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) and those who were married to foreigners who come to attend local festivities like “homecoming” or family gatherings as “reunions”, “fiesta” and other local celebrations with grand observances. The rise in first-rate beach resort developments likewise influenced the influx of local tourists, who locate meetings, conferences, sports fests and other gatherings here in search of new experiences. Enthusiasts of water sports like the world famous “skimboarding” travel to Mati City to test their skills in the magnificent yet complex waves of Dahican beach. Dahican beach now becomes a by-word for skimboarding enthusiasts. The rising count of natural parks and swimming pools developed in the province also contributed to the entry of weekend tourists from neighboring areas in amazing number.

All these are instrumental to the rising level of the tourism industry in the
province. The industry involves a broad mix of tourism-related operators who do business to provide complementary services ranging from travel arrangements and booking, transportation facilities, hotels/resorts and homestays for accommodation, restaurants, entertainment, shopping malls, sports, and other amenities, offering so much in terms of investments, jobs and income generation.

Existing Industry Players

  • Hotels, Dormitel, Inns, Boarding Houses
  • Internet Cafe
  • Restaurants, Food House
  • Beach Resorts
  • Beauty Salons/SPAs
  • Scenic Highway Project
  • Welcome Park Provincial Pasalubong Center
  • Conference/Congress/Seminar Halls
  • Aerial Tour Facility
  • Producers of Gifts, Toys & Housewares
  • Mountain Resort & Swimming Pools
  • Water Sports Facility (Skimboarding)
  • Bus/Van Operators
  • Shopping Malls
  • Parks, Baywalk & Boulevard
  • Grocery Stores
  • Wet Markets

Market Potentials:

  • Eco-Tourism Activities
  • Destinations for “MICE”
  • Farm Tourism
  • Mountain trekking to Bonsai Forest
  • Package Trips to Tourist Sites
  • Aerial View of Provincial Landscapes
  • Scuba Diving
  • Local Products as Pasalubong Items

Potential Tourist Sites and Destinations in Davao Oriental

  1. Aliwagwag Falls
  2. Dahican Beach
  3. Pintatagan Welcome Park
  4. Sugnoyan Falls
  5. Pygmy Forest
  6. Bakbak Beach
  7. Tourism Complex in Governor Generoso
  8. Taguibo Cave
  9. Pusan Point
  10. Tulob Beach
  11. Reef Caves in Governor Generoso
  12. Cawa-cawa Falls
  13. Sleeping Dinosaur
  14. Creamsand Longbeach
  15. White Sand Beach in Manay
  16. Mainit Hot Spring
  17. Pujada Island
  18. Caraga Beach
  19. Cape San Agustin Altar in Gov. Generoso
  20. Langyawan Cave
  21. Waniban Island
  22. Basoc Beach
  23. Cape San Agustin Parola
  24. Mantunao Eco-Park
  25. Oak Island
  26. Tarsier Habitat
  27. Tagabebe Diving Spot (The Wall)
  28. Magpong Falls & Cave
  29. San Victor Island
  30. Pangyan Falls
  31. Mountain Top Spring Resort
  32. Kapuka Falls
  33. Sigaboy Island
  34. Balite Hot Spring
  35. Languyon mangrove
  36. Lagoon Monserrat Scenic View
  37. Cabugao Island
  38. Campawan Curtain Falls
  39. Historical Church of San Salvador
  40. Guano Cave
  41. Ban-ao Treasure Island
  42. Cagamisan Falls
  43. Holy Cross Hill
  44. Calvary Burial Cave
  45. Baculin Bay
  46. Dumagook Falls
  47. Mandayan Community of Caraga
  48. Altar Cave in Caraga
  49. Philippine Eagle Sanctuary
  50. Provincial Capitol in Mati
  51. Dolphin and Sea Cow Sightings
  52. Hearts Spring Resort
  53. MENZI Citrus Plantation
  54. Mangrove Nursery
  55. Bird Sanctuary in Governor Generoso
  56. Aguakan Falls
  57. Subangan Museum
  58. Jerico Beach
  59. Mt. Hamiguitan Wildlife Sanctuary
  60. Ambak-ambak Falls
  61. Mati Tourism Complex
  62. Diomaboc Lake
  63. Mt. Hamiguitan Heritage Park
  64. Tres Marias Falls

Investment Opportunities

• Water Sports Facilities

• High-end Sports Supply (Water/Land/Air)

• Hotels and Restaurants

• Theme Park Development

• Tour Bus Operation

• Mountain Resort Park

• Tour Packages/Tie-ups with Established Tour Operators

• Gift Shops for Souvenir/ Pasalubong Products

• Native Delicacies

• Viewing Facilities/Gadgets

• Conference Centers • Cinemas

• Airline Operation

• Mountain climbing gear supplies