Invest in Davao Oriental

Cacao Industry

Industry Background/Situationer

While cacao originated in Central America, 5,000 years back, its popularity & propagation has become a complex network that spreads worldwide worth $98.3Billion.

In the province, cacao is among the high-value commodity whose production has been intensified with the provincial direction of agri-industrial and eco-tourism development. Concerted efforts of the government which includes other government agencies, academe and institutions are prioritizing the propagation of the commodity.

Under the Agri-industry program of the Provincial Agriculture Office, area devoted to the commodity has been targeted to increase by 832 hectares this year, however, setbacks experienced failed the attainment
of the objective.

Cacao is considered a very important commodity today because it offers a good source of income for local smallholder farmers. Globally, there is an upsurge in the demand of the commodity brought by the increasing use of the commodity as a beverage drink, component to winemaking, pastries, and cakes, special treat candies, among others.

One significant observation is revealed that cacao from Davao Oriental is considered as one of the best quality cacao, comparable to the best cacao produced by top cacao producers of the world. The reason why we have the chance of entry in the Class A market. There is however a standing challenge to our local farmers.. “expand production capacity” to be competitive. Not only that, efforts among the players of the industry should be synchronized to ensure that the development of the end product which is chocolate, involves a process where fair trade systems are implemented and adopted.

Davao Orientals’ vast area suited for agriculture is one strength that inclined farmers and investors alike need to consider. A little push for reforms in the farming systems will position our province in the map of chocolate destination in the next quarter of a century.

Existing Players

• Microscale cacao processors
• Specialized Cake Shops
• Snack houses/Places
• Cacao farmers
• Cacao Traders
• Bakeries
• Caterers

Quick Facts

Total Land Area: 516,446 ha
Total Agricultural Area: 315,600 ha
Total Areas Planted with Cacao: 5,291.0 Has
Total No of Farmers Planting: 4,904
Production Capacity in MT: 3,191
Total Expansion Areas: 2,658 Has

Existing Facilities

• Small scale roasted cacao grinders
• Cacao dryers
• Fermenting Chambers
• Technologies on best practices

Market Potentials

• Cacao seedlings
• Cacao tablet
• Fermented cacao beans (Class A & B)
• Cacao pulp
• Wet cacao beans

Investment Potentials

• Chocolate processing plant
• Packaging plant
• High-end choco drink shop
• Cacao Organic fertilizer plant
• Cacao seedling nursery
• Cacao fat extraction facility
• Supplement processing plant
• Cacao De-shelter facility
• Candy processing plant